Business Spotlight: Secily Wilson

This month’s business spotlight shines on Veteran Broadcast Journalist turned Author and Public Speaker, Secily Wilson. We asked her our favorite questions to learn more about who she is and why she joined the African American Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida. She provided the insight below:

What is your primary product or service?

I am a Public Speaker, Host, and Moderator. I also recently released my new book: “She Said the P Word”, Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in 4 categories.(Biographies & Memoirs of Women, Women’s Health, Family Relationship and Non-Formal Education). Learn more about my book:


What do you think makes Central Florida a special place to do business?

Central Florida has always been a transient community, and in recent years we are seeing population growth, specifically for families. That means that people are choosing Central Florida as a community that they want to be in. Population growth creates diverse needs and along with it multiple opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs to fill those needs. 

Who is your target market/ audience?

My target market is Women between the ages of 30 and 60, but the book is for so many more. Individuals, organizations, or companies, looking to improve and to be inspired, will all benefit from the book. 

In your opinion, what makes Central Florida’s Business community special?

It is a diverse business landscape with an expansive audience. It is basically an open canvas to paint whatever picture you want.

What is the most exciting thing you see happening in your industry?
The most exciting thing is the increase in recognition of black businesses. Now more than ever, we are experiencing a surge of support for black businesses/entrepreneurs! 

What is the biggest benefit to joining the AACCCF?

The biggest benefit is the ability to do business with a large body of individuals with like minds. 

Do you have any current promotions that we can promote?

I’m offering AACCCF members $5.00 off the $14.95(unsigned) and $17.95(signed) book price. Email to claim your offer.

Learn more about the book: