Business Spotlight: RTW Photography

This month’s business spotlight shines on Ride The Wave (RTW) Photography! Built by a trio of young entrepreneurs who are making waves in Central Florida’s business landscape, RTW is turning heads all around town. We asked them a few questions about their business and here is what they had to say:

What is your primary product or service? 

We offer a wide array of services. Our primary services include photography, videography, and live-stream services for any occasion or event. Our complete list of services include: 

  • Wedding Photography and Videography 
  • Portrait Photography – For any occasion: Birthdays, Graduations, Engagements, Maternity, and so much more 
  • Commercial Services: Branding and Style Shoots, Kickerstarts, and Commercials advertising 
  • Small Events: Baby showers, anniversary parties, holiday parties, christening, and baptisms, much more. 
  • Photo Booth Rental 
  • Live Stream

What do you think makes Central Florida a special place to do business? 

Central Florida is a special place to do business because of the diversity and world-class hospitality and entertainment industries. Furthermore, the mix of small businesses and large multinational corporations make Central Florida a unique place to do business. We have been blessed to work with start-ups and well-established multinational corporations. Central Florida is also a great hub for identifying and recruiting new talent entering the workforce. The schools and universities located in the area provide opportunities for recruiting some amazing local talent. 

Who is your target market/audience? 

Our target client is anyone in need of photography, videography, or live-stream services. We have two target audiences: Business clients and individual clients. 

For our business clients, we understand the impact visual media has on their brand perception, as well as, their bottom line. We work with our business clients to determine the right investment to fit their needs. 

For our individual clients, whether it’s a wedding, graduation or anniversary gala, we take the time to understand the vision for their big day. We partner with our clients to make sure their personality and confidence radiate as they memorialize one of life’s greeted achievements. 

In your opinion, what makes Central Florida’s business community special?

What makes the business community special is the fact that everyone is very welcoming and wants to see everyone succeed. We had no idea how to grow our business but heard the relationships built through the chamber could really accelerate our growth. We have been able to partner with local businesses, as well as provide services to those in need. COVID-19 impacted many local businesses in the central Florida area, and we were able to provide free promotional videos for small businesses to help get them back on their feet once businesses started to re-open. 

What is the most exciting thing you see happening in your industry? 

Companies and individuals are all competing for our attention. Every ad, photography, commercial has been well thought out and is intended to grab your attention (and money). We are in the space of assisting clients in making sure they are able to accurately communicate their brand and products to the targeted audience and the general public. 

What is the biggest benefit of joining the AACCCF? 

The biggest benefit of joining the chamber is the relationships and support we have received from the leadership and the members. The leaders and the members truly want every business to succeed. We have been introduced to numerous photography and production companies through the chamber. Instead of competing against each other, we have actually supported each other and referred business to one another. 

Additionally, the AACCCF does an amazing job of making sure its members stay informed on current events and resources that are available. When COVID-19 impacted the Central Florida Community, the AACCCF adjusted and prioritized the concerns and needs of its members. 

Do you have any current promotions, upcoming events, or recent accolades that we can promote? 

We offer a variety of services and are committed to finding a mutual price that is fair for both us and our future clients. Most of our pricing is available on our website. We also provide customized quotes for weddings, small events, and productions after the completion of a complimentary consultation. 

For the upcoming holidays, we are offering a promotion on our studio sessions. Individuals and families can reserve a 45-minute session. The price is $150 and includes 7 edits. 

We recently opened Our studio is located in downtown Orlando, FL in the historical neighborhood of Parramore. Our studio space is now available for rent.