Member on the Move: SmithBlends

Mondays are for Members on the Move! This week, we are highlighting SmithBlends, a healthy tea company right here in Central Florida. SmithBlends was born last year by a Registered Nurse, Michelle Smith, her daughter, Shola Smith, a Branding and Marketing Executive. 

The Smith Family drew inspiration from their Caribbean heritage and Matriach, Clarice “Winnie” Smith, known for mixing tea blends for her daily immunity boosting regimen. 


“Not only do we want communities to take control of their health and wellness, but we also want to share The Smith Family’s tea tradition with the world.”



What is your primary product or service?

We make high quality loose leaf tea and natural iced teas. Our operations are based out of Florida. We make our teas with no preservatives and no fillers. SmithBlends is a great natural alternative for coffee lovers. In addition, our teas are corporate America’s leading “Immune Booster Tea”. 

“Every tree was designed to heal and every leaf was created for medicine.” 

Do currently have any promotions?

Yes! The connection with the Chamber has been a HUGE benefit to us! We set up a 15% off discount Promo Code for AACCCFmembers. Promo Code: “AACCCF”