The Importance of Central Florida 2020 Local Elections

In a time where nearly all Americans are seeking some form of change, whether it be healthcare reform, financial planning, and even legislation, sometimes the greater changes lie within ourselves. This change, more so, this solution, requires voting, especially at the local level.

Voting Power Matters

Some locals are unaware of the true power their one vote holds. Others are convinced their vote only matters at the presidential level. In actuality, you have greater voting power at the local level when compared to federal. 

Simply put, your vote can influence local policies that directly affect you and your surrounding community including:

  • Business growth & development
  • School funding
  • Local taxes
  • Healthcare
  • Public transportation
  • Public safety

Leaders placed in an authoritative, city, county, or state position work to establish legislation that governs the area you call home. But these leaders cannot be leaders unless they are voted in by the public — which is why your vote is so important.

To put it into perspective, think about the recent Black Lives Matter movement. Protesters are not exclusively calling on our president for change. Instead, they are mostly calling out local leaders — the police chief, county judges, mayor, and even the governor for change. This is because these local offices can make the community based changes that we all want to see.

In 2020 we have our fair share of obstacles. Getting to the polls may be difficult during a pandemic and to this day, many communities still experience voter suppression. In spite of these challenges, voting is an important piece of the puzzle to enact real change in our communities.

Making the decision…Who to vote for.

Not sure who to vote for? AACCCF was a proud sponsor and co-host for the Orange County Candidate Forum, a series of Facebook Live discussions between candidates running for a variety of offices. View the recordings: 

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