Cheers to a new year! Each January is the perfect time to hit reset and evaluate your goals not only in your personal life, but also in your business. So what are your resolutions this year? We have three ideas to get you started:
1.) Make Connections and Network more.
It may sound a bit cliche that networking is the key to business growth, but it’s true! Networking allows you to make valuable connections that could turn into potential investors, clients or partners. Sometimes you don’t even know what opportunities or partnerships could take your business to the next level until you meet that right person, who because a missing puzzle piece. 
What better way to network than with the African American Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida? Every month our calendar is full of Business After Hour Events and training sessions that will help you get more acquainted with Central Florida’s business community.
Check out our calendar of events here.
2.) Seek Support.
As a business professional, you can’t always do everything on your own. Don’t forget to lean on organizations, groups, and other local businesses for support when you can. 
At the chamber, our favorite form of support is our Leads Group. A Leads Group is a connected group of business professionals that meet bi-weekly with the sole purpose of growing business together. Speakers are brought in for training and education, while the group itself helps each other to generate more business. When we work together, everybody wins.
3.) Support Others.
As you seek support from others, you will also find yourself in the position to support your peers when they need help or simply to further uplift them and recognize their successes. The Eagle  Awards are the AACCCF’s annual award ceremony recognizing small business, entrepreneur, and corporations that have a big impact on the commmunity. Don’t forget to stay tuned to see which of our finalists will win Eagle Awards on January 18th.