Business Spotlight: Seer Productions

Meet Seer Productions. A creative team offering Digital Marketing services to Central Florida. Not only are they members of AACCCF, but they’ve have also worked on some video pieces for our social channels!

What makes them special? We’d say it’s CEO and founder Stefen Smith. Stefen is a visionary on mission. He knows how to take a clients idea and bring it to life. We managed to snag a moment of his time from his busy schedule to chat about what his company has to offer.

IMG_7635What is your primary product or service?
Seer Productions specializes in telling your business’s story though Digital Marketing.
What do you think makes Central Florida a special place to do business?
Central Florida is a melting pot of all walks of life. You have the opportunity to connect and learn from
some many people. There are very enriching possibilities here in Central Florida.
Who is your target market/audience?
Seer Productions looks to work with organizations that need help with clarifying their message to their

In your opinion, what makes Central Florida’s business community special?
The willingness to help one another with zero expectations of a return. They only want to help you grow.

What is the most exciting thing you see happening in your industry?
I have a few: The rise of video consumption, Companies working on Branding, and automation.
What is the biggest benefit to joining the AACCCF?
The Biggest benefit of joining the chamber is having access to people that are in a variety of different fields
and levels as professionals. It’s an opportunity to grow and learn.

Want to learn more? Check them out on Social Media:
Instagram: @TheSeerProductions 
Facebook: @TheSeerProductions
LinkedIn:   @TheSeerProductions
Vimeo:      @SeerProductionsLLC