Business Spotlight: HeartFelt Therapy

Business Spotlight: HeartFelt Therapy

February 2, 2021 | In Business Spotlight


Congratulations to HeartFelt Therapy LLC owner Ebony Dacres for being selected for the esteemed Minority Business Development Agency’s Enterprising Women of Color Bootcamp!


What is your primary product or service?

HFT Medical is an online store serving daily living aids, mobility aids, and PPE to the public.

What do you think makes Central Florida a special place to do business?  

Central Florida is home to renowned medical businesses and practices owned by diverse communities.

Who is your target market/audience?

Caregivers, independent customers, and medical businesses.

In your opinion, what makes Central Florida's business community special? 

Central Florida’s business community is known for its hospitality and is dedicated to creating memorable customer experiences.

What is the most exciting thing you see happening in your industry?

The creation of innovative products and technologies to ensure the health and safety of individuals in homes, schools, businesses, and the community.

What is the biggest benefit of joining the AACCCF?

AACCCF provides abundant resources and guidance to businesses at any level to ensure their success.

Do you have any current promotions, upcoming events, or recent accolades that we can promote?

HFT Medical is currently running a free shipping special on orders totaling $99 before tax. Also, customers who subscribe to our mailing list will receive an additional 10% off any product on our website. Please visit to shop quality mobility aids, daily living aids, and PPE.


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