Business Spotlight: Secily Wilson

This month's business spotlight shines on Veteran Broadcast Journalist turned Author and Public Speaker, Secily Wilson. We asked her our favorite questions to learn more about who she is and why she joined the African American Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida. She provided the insight below:

What is your primary product or service?

I am a Public Speaker, Host, and Moderator. I also recently released my new book: "She Said the P Word", Amazon's #1 Best Seller in 4 categories.(Biographies & Memoirs of Women, Women's Health, Family Relationship and Non-Formal Education). Learn more about my book:


What do you think makes Central Florida a special place to do business?

Central Florida has always been a transient community, and in recent years we are seeing population growth, specifically for families. That means that people are choosing Central Florida as a community that they want to be in. Population growth creates diverse needs and along with it multiple opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs to fill those needs. 

Who is your target market/ audience?

My target market is Women between the ages of 30 and 60, but the book is for so many more. Individuals, organizations, or companies, looking to improve and to be inspired, will all benefit from the book. 

In your opinion, what makes Central Florida’s Business community special?

It is a diverse business landscape with an expansive audience. It is basically an open canvas to paint whatever picture you want.

What is the most exciting thing you see happening in your industry?
The most exciting thing is the increase in recognition of black businesses. Now more than ever, we are experiencing a surge of support for black businesses/entrepreneurs! 

What is the biggest benefit to joining the AACCCF?

The biggest benefit is the ability to do business with a large body of individuals with like minds. 

Do you have any current promotions that we can promote?

I'm offering AACCCF members $5.00 off the $14.95(unsigned) and $17.95(signed) book price. Email to claim your offer.

Learn more about the book:




Business Spotlight: Proficiency Background Service

This month we asked AACCCF Member, Adrian Thacker, owner of Proficiency Background Services, our usual questions to learn more about their business and why they joined the African American Chamber of Central Florida. They provided the insights below:

What is your primary product or service?
Proficiency Background Services offers criminal background screenings, for both Level 1 screenings and Level 2 Fingerprinting/ Livescans. We also provide drug screenings. We provide these services for a number or reasons from the hiring process, Level 2 Fingerprinting/ Livescans for nursing schools, even for Carrying Concealed Weapons Licenses and more.

What do you think makes Central Florida a special place to do business?
Central Florida has a great local business community that are very engaged and help each other thrive. Referrals are key to business success and there is an abundance of that!

Who is your target market/ audience?
Our target is anyone who is needing of criminal background screenings and fingerprinting! We service small companies to large companies.

In your opinion, what makes Central Florida’s Business community special?
I believe that Central Florida’s business community is great at helping small companies move to the next level by providing guidance, making those most beneficial referrals, which are huge impacts to businesses in this community.

What is the most exciting thing you see happening in your industry?
The most exciting thing for me are the changes happening from changes to laws regarding criminal background screenings to new technology used to make the screening process faster and more efficient.

What is the biggest benefit to joining the AACCCF?
The biggest benefit for me is that the AACCCF gives a platform for all the Black Owned Businesses to excel, support each other, and help maneuver through the business community while making lasting connections.

Do you have any current promotions, upcoming events, or recent accolades that we can promote?
Now offering Level 2 Fingerprinting/ Livescan services for Carrying Concealed Weapons License, currently the Sheriff’s office may have limited appointments, we are offering these services by appointment, Monday- Friday and by appointment on Saturday or walk-in during our hours 11am - 2pm. Please give us a call Friday for Saturday appointments or walk-in schedule!


Phone: 407.687.0100


The Importance of Central Florida 2020 Local Elections

In a time where nearly all Americans are seeking some form of change, whether it be healthcare reform, financial planning, and even legislation, sometimes the greater changes lie within ourselves. This change, more so, this solution, requires voting, especially at the local level.

Voting Power Matters

Some locals are unaware of the true power their one vote holds. Others are convinced their vote only matters at the presidential level. In actuality, you have greater voting power at the local level when compared to federal. 

Simply put, your vote can influence local policies that directly affect you and your surrounding community including:

  • Business growth & development
  • School funding
  • Local taxes
  • Healthcare
  • Public transportation
  • Public safety

Leaders placed in an authoritative, city, county, or state position work to establish legislation that governs the area you call home. But these leaders cannot be leaders unless they are voted in by the public -- which is why your vote is so important.

To put it into perspective, think about the recent Black Lives Matter movement. Protesters are not exclusively calling on our president for change. Instead, they are mostly calling out local leaders -- the police chief, county judges, mayor, and even the governor for change. This is because these local offices can make the community based changes that we all want to see.

In 2020 we have our fair share of obstacles. Getting to the polls may be difficult during a pandemic and to this day, many communities still experience voter suppression. In spite of these challenges, voting is an important piece of the puzzle to enact real change in our communities.

Making the decision...Who to vote for.

Not sure who to vote for? AACCCF was a proud sponsor and co-host for the Orange County Candidate Forum, a series of Facebook Live discussions between candidates running for a variety of offices. View the recordings: 

For more information about voter registration, requirements, or polling places, please visit



Central Florida Black Owned Restaurants

We partnered with AACCCF Member Russell Drake to highlight black owned eateries in Central Florida! Russell has been connecting with black owned businesses since the start of COVID-19 and has curated the list below as a tool for our community to rally around these small businesses to ensure their survival during this time.

Now, with the fight for racial equality in the forefront of conversation, we are continuing to build on this list as resource to the community. Looking for ways to support black owned businesses? Grabbing a bite to eat at one of these establishments is a start.

District 534 Scratch Kitchen

P&D Soul Food Kitchen

Jesses Rib Shack

Nikki’s Place 

Oley’s Kitchen & Smokehouse

Orlando Famous Pete’s BBQ

Seafood Station (Pine Hills) 

Stonington’s Fried Shrimp (Metrowest) 

Vitality Bowls (Dr Phillips)

Big Lou’s Single Wings Express

Island Thyme Caribbean Island Restaurant (Avalon Park)

Streetwise Urban Food (Near Airport)

Brick & Spoon Maitland 

Mad Crab Seafood & Wings

Soulfood Fantasy Eatonville

Bezerk Nutrition

Something Fishy Seafood

T & T Nutrition 

Wingz Wingzz Wingzzz

Seana’s Caribbean Soul Food 

1000 Degree Pizza & Wings

Bubbalou’s Bodacious BBQ Altamonte

Stonington’s Fried Shrimp Altamonte 

Angel’s Soul Food and BBQ 

Roni's Restaurant

Shantell’s Just Until


About Russell Drake

Russell is a member of AACCCF, Motivational Speaker, Civic Strategist, Network Building Extraordinaire...just to name a few descriptors. 
He has made it his mission to be plugged into the Central Florida Small Business community especially during this COVID-19 outbreak, when businesses need everyone's support the most. Russell researched and curated the list above with love and determination for the community. To connect with Russell visit his website.

Celebrating African-American Music Appreciation Month with Central Florida Businesses

This month we celebrate African American Music Appreciation Month! African Americans have played a huge role historically in the creation and development of multiple musical genres. From Rock and Roll to Soul, Hip-Hop to Blues, black musicians have always molded America's musical landscape.

We'd like to take a moment to highlight some of our members who keep music alive in Central Florida every day! From entertainment companies to youth programs, many of these music companies keep the sounds of African American music alive in every generation.

L5 Entertainment
L5 Entertainment is home to some of Central Florida’s brightest talents. This black owned agency started with one musician and has since grown into an empire of talent! Contact them today to book them for your entertainment needs. 

Samantha Nicole Entertainment
Samantha Nicole is a talented black vocalist and entertainer in Central Florida. For booking Inquiries you can reach her by phone: (407) 619-1733
Real People Real Music
Real People Real Music is dedicated to bringing authentic music performances to the forefront of the Central Florida experience. Regular events include Jazz Nights as well as themed holiday events like their Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. Earlier this year. Check out their website for upcoming events: .

Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center
WDPAC is a theater located in Sanford Florida, bringing a diverse array of performances, movies, and shows to life on stage. Upcoming events that highlight African American musicians include "Get Ready: A Motown Experience" this August and a "Tribute to Diana Ross and Whitney Houston" in January of next year!
View all performances here:

Business Spotlight: Rasmussen College, closing the gap on the Central Florida Nursing shortage.

This month, as one of our featured “Member on the Move” social media spotlights, we recognized Rasmussen College. They had so much valuable information that we decided to highlight them as this month's Business Spotlight as well! Based in Bloomington, Minnesota, Rasmussen College has campuses in multiple states and several here in Florida, including the Orlando campus! ⠀

Thinking of going back to school? Explore career-focused degrees in business, design, education, and nursing...all at Rasmussen!

We spoke with Sharon Richardson, Director at the Orlando campus on why student's should look to gaining an education from Rasmussen, especially in the these times of Covid-19 social distancing.

"My heart goes out to the Senior class of 2020; as our previous way of life has shuttered and we work to configure a new normal", says Richardson. She explains that Rasmussen College is an option for students who want to continue their education online and/or go into the healthcare field.

Rasmussen College is a regionally accredited private college that is dedicated to changing lives and the communities it serves through high-demand and flexible educational programs. Since 1900, the College has been committed to academic innovation and providing the highest standard of education. Rasmussen College offers certificate and diploma programs through associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs online and across its 23 Midwest and Florida campuses.

"There were already predicted shortages of nurses in the central Florida area, Covid-19 has increased that need", Richardson told us. In fact we did our own research and found that the nationwide, experts predict nursing shortages in the upcoming years. Luckly Rasmussen has programs to train students and get them into the field as quickly as possible.

Students can a Professional Nursing degree at Rasmussen in as little as 18 months; Bachelors in Nursing in as few as 33 months, or the Medical Assistant program in as little as 12 months.

Nursing information Session

  • The first step to attending Rasmussen College’s Nursing program is attending a Nursing Information Session.
  • This Information session is held virtually. You can log in via laptop/desktop or mobile device.
  • There are several times and days available for your convenience.

Click here to Register for a day and time
Once you are registered we will send you a link for the WEBEX to join us.

During the Information Session we will cover:

  • A Career in Nursing
  • Why Rasmussen College is a great fit
  • Deep level program information including course lists and schedules
  • Investment in your education
  • Admissions Process
  • Next steps

Right now, Florida students can qualify for $5,000 on program costs for a CCNE-accredited Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree!⠀
Learn more at:⠀

2020 Father's Day Deals from our Members

Our members have the best deals. Enough said. Check out these 2020 Father's Day deals from our members!

1.) RTW Photography extends Summer Sale!

In honor of this year’s Father’s Day, RTW Photography is proud to announce the extension of their Summer Sale Discount for family portrait sessions. This sale is good for bookings made prior to June 30, 2019. 

A Note from RTW Photography: During this time we continue to stay compliant with all governmental ordinances, as well as, continue to take extra precautions to ensure everyone’s safety and health.


2.) Mygani LLC Father's Day Card that gives back!

Mygani LLC has created a unique Father's dad card celebrating our black fathers + men.
Available in print:   |  Available in digital format:
A percentage of all these Father's Day card sells will go to a local grassroots nonprofit that mentors young black men!

Card design by : Mygani​   l   For Inquires email


3.) GOGO Party Bus - BOOK 3 HOURS GET 1 FREE!

BOOK 3 Hours and Get 1 Hour FREE!!! 
Take Dad out fo the house or get a head start on planning future transportation needs by booking today. 
For Booking a GoGo Party Bus, call now 1.844.880.5880


  • Soft Credit Report Pull (Will Not Negatively Affect Your Score)
  • 3 Major Credit Bureaus (Transunion, Experian, Equifax)
  • Review Each Reporting Account And How It Is Affecting Your Credit
  • Review Automated Credit Scoring Simulator To Predict Future Credit Score 
  • Create An Action Plan To Raise Your Credit Score


Please mention the phrase "I AM A FATHER!" to redeem your free promotion.

Transportation Infrastructure: A game changing market for small businesses

In case you missed it, check out the full recording of "Transportation Infrastructure: A game changing market for small businesses."

Webinar Summary

Hosted by: USDOT SE Region Director Adrianna Clark

You will learn:
- How Transportation Infrastructure is a Key Driver of Opportunity
- About the Transportation Infrastructure industry and why it is important for consideration of opportunities for small, medium and large size goods and services’ companies
- About the U.S. Department of Transportation, the largest infrastructure-building agency within cabinet level federal agencies.

The United States Department of Transportation's (DOT) 10 Operating Administrations (OA) have independent procurement authority and procure approximately $6.5 billion a year in goods and services. DOT works continuously to ensure that small businesses are included in those annual procurement numbers.

The Empowerment Virtual Workshop Series

With COVID-19 keeping many of us inside and working from home, the African American Chamber of Central Florida decided to keep our workshops alive...but online. These workshops are  the perfect educational tools leading up to our Empowerment Business Conference in August!

Meet The Speakers:

(Coming soon)



Emotional Impact of Racial Violence on Workplace Productivity A Time to Listen, Learn, and Act!

In case you missed it, check out the full recording of "Emotional Impact of Racial Violence on Workplace Productivity A Time to Listen, Learn, and Act!", a panelist discussion on how racism affects People of Color, specifically black people, in the workplace.

Webinar Summary

A critical conversation about when people of color, specifically black people, experience racism. When they repeatedly experience racism, there is a profound emotional and psychological toll. This becomes a workplace issue and community issue.

The Empowerment Virtual Workshop Series

With COVID-19 keeping many of us inside and working from home, the African American Chamber of Central Florida decided to keep our workshops alive...but online. These workshops are  the perfect educational tools leading up to our Empowerment Business Conference in August!

Meet The Speakers:

(Coming soon)



AdventHealth Medical Professionals Roundtable: Central Florida's Health Disparities

In case you missed it, check out the full recording of "AdventHealth Medical Professionals Roundtable: Central Florida's Health Disparities".

Webinar Summary

We gathered a powerhouse lineup of Central Florida Doctors for a discussion on COVID-19 and Health Disparities. Hear from doctors on the front lines.

Meet The Speakers:

(Coming Soon)